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A blue-chip panel—including marketers, academics, and other esteemed industry leaders like the 2018 judges featured below—will evaluate which brands are best using data and analytics to improve marketing ROI.

Tim Calkins

Clinical Professor of Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Bruce Dincin

Senior Director Customer Acquisition, Choice Hotels

Gayle Fuguitt

Chief of Customer Insight and Innovation, Foursquare

David Kaul

Director of Performance, Measurement & Analytics, Google

M. Ryan Galili

Senior Marketer & Strategist

Jim Spaeth

Partners, Sequent Partners

Diane Tielbur

President Food & Beverage Consumption Practice, NPD

Dan Waters

CMO, Fromageries Bel

Tony Weisman

CMO, Dunkin Donuts



The Judging Process


  1. Judges score responses to each of the four questions based on criteria required on the submission form.
  2. These individual scores are then combined to create an overall score for each entry.
  3. All judges’ scores are totaled and the highest scoring entries will determine the finalists in each category.
  4. Judges meet to discuss the highest-scoring (finalist) entries and then vote again to select the category winner.