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Category Descriptions


Analytics lmpact

The Genius Award for Analytics Impact recognizes outstanding achievement in demonstrating marketing”s impact on business outcomes. By drawing a clear line connecting marketing efforts with business results, the Analytics Impact Genius helps pinpoint the bottom-line value that Marketing provides and offers a clear, numbers-driven framework for defending, describing, and guiding the organization's marketing investments and initiatives

Analytics Innovation

The Genius Award tor Analytics Innovation honors exceptionally creative analytical approaches taken to solve complex problems or overcome obstacles. The Analytics Innovation Genius brings scientific originality and out-of~the-box thinking to unlock the seemingly unsolvable, answer “big questions" from surprising data sources, or otherwise bursts open the boundaries of what marketing analytics can achieve.

Analytics Adoption

The Genius Award for Analytics Adoption is given for outstanding achievement in championing broad organizational adoption for analytics and accountability. This adoption effectiveness could include a wide array of efforts that rally internal activation of marketing analytics insights—such as incorporating the light stakeholders at the right time; creating effective internal programs to “sell” the analytics; effectively incorporating reporting technology help activate findings across wide groups; and more.

Analytics Science

The Genius Award for Analytics Science honors outstanding achievement in applying rigorous analytics science to marketing challenges. Whether it‘s adopting cutting-edge practice from across fields for a new markefing science approach; creating trailblazing approaches within marketing science; or bringing new technology solutions to marketing analytics challenges; the Analytics Science Genius pushes the science of marketing ahead.