Submission Requirements

Entries are open for the 2021 ANA Genius Awards

Client-side marketers can enter, or agencies acting on their behalf.

Award-winning Genius Award entries feature a compelling and thoughtful synopsis of the data-driven marketing efforts that an organization made to improve its business in 2020.

To Submit Your Entry

(1) Create an Account

(2) Select a Category

You can submit an entry in multiple categories, but a marketing program can only be selected as a final winner in one category. Please note that when you are submitting in multiple categories, your entries need to be for different analytics programs. The programs can be related, but each entry must be framed distinctly around the category of entry to be considered. 

(3) Craft Your Submission

The Mission: Define the aim of the marketing analytics program you would like to submit. What was the main goal and driving purpose behind these efforts? How did that focus relate to the selected category? 

 Business Challenges: Share the organizational challenges that required your organization to make a shift. What were the key driving factors that led to these new marketing efforts? What pitfalls or roadblocks did you run into along the way, and what did they teach you? 

Key Insights: Include the top learnings that came out of this marketing analytics-driven effort. 

Impact: Finally, tell us about the significance of this program for your business. What results came out of this effort and how did they drive positive change?

Each year, stand-out submissions feature a balanced recap that sets the stage for why a particular data and analytics approach was taken and recounts the positive outcomes. When completing your entry, it is important to note that our judges recognize that ‘results’ are not only reflected by increases in revenue. The best Genius Awards entries define the ways that data-driven insights gained support amongst senior leadership and drove actionable impact for your organization.

The Finalist & Winner Announcements

Finalists will be announced at an ANA conference in September 2021, and winners will be announced at the ANA Masters of Marketing in October 2021.