Terms and Conditions 

(1) Contest Eligibility: The Contest is open to client-side marketers. Qualified marketing analytics programs must have run between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020. 

Agencies are permitted to submit a Genius Awards entry on their brand client’s behalf. 

The Contest is void in territories prohibited by applicable sanctions programs or subject to embargo by the United States (including but not limited to Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Sudan, or Syria) and the province of Quebec. Membership in the Association of National Advertisers (“ANA”)  is not required to participate in the Contest.  

(2) Entry Restrictions and Requirements: 

There is no fee for Contest entry. 

Brands and entrants submitting for the Genius Awards are not required to be an ANA member. 

With written permission, clients can allow their agencies to create a submission on their behalf. Client must acknowledge, in writing, that they understand their responsibilities if/when they become finalists and/or become Genius Awards winners. The agency is responsible for collecting the required approval from the proper executive levels from the brand they are submitting for. Participating marketers can recognize their agency partners in their submission materials. 

Each submission must comply with the requirements detailed above and herein. 

Entries must be written in English (see Foreign Language Submission Requirements) and suitable for presentation in a public forum, in the sole determination of Sponsor. 

(3)  Key Genius Award Dates & Deadlines: 

Entry Period: Between April 14, 2021 and September 3, 2021 

Finalists announced at the ANA site: September 30, 2021

Winners announced at the ANA Masters of Marketing Conference: October 5, 2021

(4) Genius Awards Submission Process  

Navigate to www.geniusawards.com and follow the on-screen instructions to create an account. 

Entrants have three (3) options for submitting nominations: 

  1. Complete answers to all of the questions associated with the category of your choice. Entrants are encouraged to upload photos, vidoes, and/or examples of data that support the entry. 
  2. Submit a video of up to three (3) minutes. The video entry should describe the problem/challenge/hypothesis, followed by  the solution, including what tools were utilized. Finally, entrants should list any key results (that can be shared externally). 
  3. Entrants can submit BOTH written responses AND video. 

If your campaign website is live, please be sure to include a direct link (URL). 

The four (4) Genius Awards categories are: 

Marketing Analytics Growth 

Marketing Analytics Adoption 

Marketing Analytics Innovation 

Marketing Analytics Storytelling 

Entrants may submit a marketing analytics program in all four (4) categories. However, entrants can only submit for the same program once per category and can be recognized as a winner in only one category. Entrants cannot submit duplicative submissions for the same program in multiple categories. Each category has specific criteria and any materially duplicative entries submitted by the same person in multiple categories may be disqualified.

(5) Image/Audio/Video Specifications

Image Files: 

Submit images in any of the following formats: PDF, GIF, PNG, or JPG 

Audio/Video Files: 

Submit audio files in any of the following formats: .mp3, .mp4, .wav, or Windows Media Audio (.wma) format

Codec: ProRes 422, H.264, Mp4.M4V, or uncompressed MOV 


1920×1080 or 1280×720 for 16:9 format

1440×1080 or 960×720 for 4:3 format 

File should be at 100MB per 60 seconds of video 

(6)  Foreign Language Submission Requirements: 

All foreign language copy must be translated into English. Clear translations must be provided for all work not written in English. 

Broadcast entries may be dubbed or subtitled in English or include a complete written translation.

Entries not accompanied by translations and/or explanations will not be judged. Submit translations electronically via upload with the official entry form.  

(7) The Genius Awards Judging Process: 

The Genius Awards is proud to include a blue-chip panel of marketers, academics, and other industry leaders on the judging panel each year. These data-driven officers review and judge entries as follows: 

  1. Judges score responses to each of the four (4) questions for each category based on the criteria on the submission form. 
  2. Judges provide individual scores that are then combined to create an overall score for each entry in all four (4) categories. 
  3. All judges’ scores are totaled, and the highest-scoring entries will determine the finalists in each category. 
  4. Judges meet to discuss the highest-scoring (finalist) entries and vote again to select the winner in each category. 

We understand the proprietary nature of each brand’s analytics projects. The Genius Awards do not require entrants to offer up specific details about proprietary methods. Additionally, entrants are welcome to use directional numbers or other approximations that represent achievement without compromising sensitive information. 

There is no requirement or need to disclose confidential information. Numbers and labels can be altered to preserve confidentiality. As part of the Genius Awards judging, we reserve the right to request a follow up for verification from a senior officer of the brand company. While the judges and Sponsors will endeavor to keep all submissions confidential and there is no need or requirement for public disclosure of any information submitted, neither the Sponsor nor any judge undertakes any obligation of confidentiality.

By entering into this Contest, all entrants (on their own behalf, on their company’s behalf, or on behalf of their client) agree that all decisions of the Genius Awards judges are final and non-appealable, and hereby release the Sponsor, Administrator, and all judges from any and all claims and liabilities of any kind arising out of or related to the Contest. 

(8)  Finalist Videos: 

A video interview of each finalist company is required and will take place from late July-mid-September 2021. Video participants should include the CMO (or other comparable senior marketing leader, but not less than an individual of Vice President level) and key analytics team members. 

(9) Event Attendance for Finalists and Winners: 

At least one representative (Vice President or VP+ level) from each finalist company must attend the ANA Measurement & Accountability conference and the ANA Masters of Marketing conference to be recognized. ANA will provide each finalist company with one complimentary registration. Travel to the ANA Masters of Marketing conference is not included. Additional registrations can be purchased. 

(10) Genius Awards Prizes: 

The Genius Awards allocates four (4) Grand Prizes, one (1) per Category. Each Grand Prize winner will have the opportunity to nominate a 501(c)(3) charitable organization to receive a pro rata portion of a $100,000 donation made by Neustar. Any nomination will be subject to Sponsor’s discretion and verification of the organization’s tax-exempt status. If no eligible entries are received for this Contest, the Sponsor reserves the right not to award a Grand Prize.

(11) Genius Awards Publicity: 

By submitting an entry to the Contest, all entrants (on their own behalf, on their company’s behalf, or on behalf of their client) hereby authorize the Sponsor to use associated corporate branding elements, solely in conjunction with the marketing or promotional efforts relating to the Contest or future contests of a similar nature. 

(12) Sponsor: Neustar Inc., 1906 Reston Metro Plaza, Suite 500, Reston, VA 20190 USA