Who can enter the ANA Genius Awards?

The Genius Awards are open to both client-facing brand marketers and any business entity that does marketing analytics on behalf of their organization, other than vendors, suppliers, and agencies. 

Agencies can work with their clients on their submission materials – with written client permission – and submit on their behalf. Participating brands can recognize their agencies and vendor partners in their submission materials. Please note that the agencies and vendors are responsible for getting express permission from their clients to submit on their behalf. 

When can entries be submitted for the 2021 Genius Awards?

Submissions for the 2021 Genius Award will begin on April 14, 2021. Entries will be collected through September 3, 2021. 

Does a brand need to be a member of the ANA to participate?

No, the Genius Awards competition is open to any  brand. There is no membership required. 

Do client marketers need to be nominated to enter the competition?

No nomination is required. A brand representative can set up an account and enter a brand in one or more Genius Award categories. 

Is there a fee to submit an entry?

No, there is no fee associated with submitting an entry for the Genius Awards. 

Many brands have a lot of confidential information tied to their analytics programs. Are entrants required to release details to participate? 

Neustar and the ANA understands the proprietary nature of all analytics projects. Brands are not required to offer up specific details about any proprietary methods during the entry process. Entrants are welcome to use directional numbers or other approximations that represent achievement without compromising sensitive information. 

Please note that there is no requirement to disclose confidential information. Numbers and labels can be altered to protect classified information. As part of the vigorous judging process, Genius Award representatives may request to follow up for further verification from a senior officer of your company.  

Can a brand submit more than once?

A company can submit entries in all four categories, as long as they are materially different and align with the category of entry. When submitting across multiple categories, each entry should accurately reflect the way that the brand specifically leaned into Growth, Innovation, Adoption, or Storytelling.

It is perfectly acceptable for the same brand marketers to submit entries about different marketing analytics programs conducted across varying business units and departments. The same brand, however, will not be recognized as a winner in multiple categories.

Please note that All submissions are reviewed thoroughly during a robust judging process.

What formats are required for submission?

Entries can be submitted in writing, video, or both. 

How is the prize pool distributed? 

The $100,000 prize pool is divided amongst the winners in all categories for donation to a charity of their choice. 

Are winners required to donate the prize money?

Yes. Each winner must nominate a 501(c)  charitable organization to receive a pro-rata portion of the $100,000 donation made by Neustar. 

When are the finalists and winners announced?

Finalists and winners receive significant media attention at select ANA events slated to take place in September and October 2021. 

A video interview of each finalist company is required and will be shot from late July to Mid-September 2021. Video participants must include the CMO and/or senior analytics team members. 

Who must attend the ANA Data & Measurement Conference?

To be recognized for the Genius Awards, at least one representative (VP or VP+) from each finalist company must attend the ANA Measurement & Accountability conference and ANA Masters of Marketing conference. ANA will provide each finalist company with one complimentary registration. Additional registrations can be purchased.