The Genius Awards are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, and over the past decade, they’ve become the top awards program for accomplished marketing analytics teams across around the United States.

A winning entry at the Genius Awards is cause for celebration, but the competition is stiff. So we thought we’d give you an edge, and offer you some practical advice on what our judges are looking for. Check out the blogs and videos below for key tips.


Analytics Advocates: Show How You Got Buy-In

Explain what you did, and what it took to ensure adoption for your solution at your company. How did it impact outcomes, and did it lead to organizational changes?

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Growth Masters: Stand out from the Crowd

Help our judges understand what growth means at your company, how you achieved it, why it was a big deal, and what doors you’ve opened as a result.

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Innovation Wizards: Light up the Room

Show clearly why you’re leading the pack, size up what impact you’ve made, but be honest about shortcomings too. And make sure you stay away from too much tech speak to describe your achievements.

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Stirring Storytellers: Steal the Show

How did you win hearts and minds? Quantify the impact of your storytelling, and how it tied into your company’s communication strategy. Most importantly, show your work.

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Video Tutorials

Award-Winner Benefits

Winning the award not only establishes the impact of the work being done within the team but also validates the work when presenting to investors and industry organizations.

What You Need to Know About the Categories

There are four categories in the Genius Awards: Growth, Adoption, Innovation, and Storytelling. It’s not just about the work that is done, but it’s the way you communicate the work via a narrative or visuals that showcases the data and insights that come out of the solution in a new light. 

The Submission Process

Begin with the end in mind and start early, the process can take much longer than you think.

What You Need to Know About the Judges

The judges comprise a panel of diverse leaders in marketing analytics including CMOs at top brands, data scientists, academics, and agency and industry group leaders.

What You Need to Know to Win

Get insights from past winners and judges about what it takes to become a winner in the Genius Awards competition.