What You Need to Know About the Categories

There are four categories in the Genius Awards: Growth, Adoption, Innovation, and Storytelling. Growth is used to show the use of a data-driven approach that drives significant business results. This is based on the critical strategic goals and the growth associated with it. Judges are looking for context and specific goal achievables. What were the growth goals, and what is the scale of that relative to the size of the company? Adoption is focused on actually adopting a data and analytics capability that boosts business outcomes. It’s less about the scope and outcome achieved but more that it’s being leveraged by the organization. Innovation is using a progressive analytics-based approach to solve a business challenge or to seize an opportunity. It’s not necessarily that it needs to be cutting edge, but it should show that you’ve done something uniquely different that advanced your capabilities. Storytelling is a combination of leveraging data to tell an enlightening story that encourages organizations to make insights actionable. It’s not just about the work that is done, but it’s the way you communicate the work via a narrative or visuals that showcases the data and insights that come out of the solution in a new light.