Each year, a blue-chip panel of marketers, academics, and other esteemed industry leaders use their knowledge and expertise to assess all of the Genius Award entries.

20% Law & Order Fanatic

35% Road Tripper

45% NPD Boomerang

Patty Altman

Executive Vice President, Analytics, NPD

35% Running

35% Travelling

30% House renovation

Vas Bakopoulos

SVP Head of Insights & Research, MMA Global

30% Carpenter

30% Cyclist

40% Data Scientist

Greg Becker

Director, Data Science & Analytics, Target

25% Wine Enthusiast

30% Collaborator

45% Dad

Willie Jackson

EVP Director, Solutions Architects, Starcom

Headshot of Ajay Kapoor

30% Disruptor

30% Foodie

40% Dad

Ajay Kapoor

Global Director, Performance Driven Marketing, GM

20% Cheesehead!

30% Strategist

50% Educator & Mentor

Megan Lineberger

Ex-Google Analytics

20% Bbq Chef

35% Pragmatist

45% Analyst

Matt Reedy

SVP, Data Analysis and Instrumentation, PMG

30% Coach

31% Puppy Lover

39% Lifelong Learner

Lynn Schlesinger

Chief Customer Experience Officer, Forbes

30% Incessantly curious

30% Outdoor Lover

40% Lively Friend

Alice Sylvester

Partner, Sequent Partners

27% Puppy wrangler

31% Storyteller

42% Marketing Strategist

Marc Vermut

Vice President – Knowledge Lab, TransUnion

20% Talker

30% Listener

50% Processor

Myles Younger

Head of Innovation and Insights, U of Digital

Tracy YoungLincoln

Global Chief Data Intelligence Officer, IPG