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The ANA Genius Awards presented by Neustar recognizes excellence in marketing analytics.

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Join the ranks of leading brands entering to win recognition and their share of a $100,000 prize pool, to be donated to a charity of their choice. Client-side marketers can enter, or agencies acting on their behalf.

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Elevate the momentous achievements and ingenious thinking in marketing analytics from 2020. The Genius Awards are a prestigious program that promotes annual recognition of the past years’ work in exemplary data-driven marketing. Genius Award winners share in a $100,000 prize pool to be donated to charities of the winners’ choosing.

2020 was transformational in many unexpected ways. The 2021 Genius Awards season is a distinguished opportunity to spotlight the brands that used creative, data-driven methods to navigate the shifting customer trends.

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Gain recognition and a share of the $100,000 prize pool, to be donated to a charity of your choice

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How To Craft A Winning Entry

Learn everything you need to know about entering the 2021 Genius Awards for a chance to win your portion of a $100,000 prize pool to be donated to the charity of your choice.

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Recognizes achievement in business growth driven by the specific and demonstrable impact of marketing analytics.


Recognizes achievement in the use of a progressive, analytics-based, approach to solve a business challenge or seize an opportunity.


Recognizes achievement in the organizational adoption of marketing analytics to boost business outcomes.


Recognizes achievement in the use of data to tell enlightening, visual stories that support business goals and/or open up new opportunities.

How to Enter:

(1) Create an account. 

(2) Identify yourself as a representative from an eligible organization or an agency seeking to submit on behalf of an eligible organization. 

(3) Fill out all of the required fields for the category or categories that you are entering for. 

(4) Upload all supporting files. 

(5) Remember to select ‘Save’ on any necessary pages. 

Entries for the Genius Awards can be submitted by client-marketers, or agencies acting on their behalf. Participating brands are welcome to recognize their agencies and vendor partners in their submission materials.

Brands are encouraged to enter as many categories as they wish (but can only win in one). If submitting entries across multiple categories, please ensure each entry features a different analytics program. The programs can be related, but each entry must be framed distinctly around the category of entry to be considered.

There are no fees to enter and all client-side marketers are welcome, regardless of their ANA membership.

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